How To Get Free Unlimited Backlink To Your Blog

How To Get Free Unlimited Backlink To Your Blog

Backlinking is the succes of every blogger because I am now getting thousands of impresions one day and I want to share it with you guys. check this out

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How To Get 5,000 Automated Backlinks?

1. FreeBacklinkTool:This website allows you to create 500 backlinks within minutes. The links you create here will help your website rank higher in search engines and get attention by major search engines likeGoogle, Yahoo & Bing.

You do need to create an account but it is 100% Free To register.

2. IMTalk: This website is AMAZING and allows you to create 2523 backlinks! It does take longer than FreeBacklinkTool but it all runs in the background. It will take about an hour to hour and a half to complete.

This is also 100% FREE but they do have a forum to which you can register and I highly recommend.

3. BacklinkGenerator: This site is also extremely useful and MUCH quicker then the other too but it only creates 325 backlinks in about 5 minutes.

Again this is 100% FREE and no account required.

4. BulkPing: I absolutely love BulkPing and will also be talking about using their service for getting your backlinks indexed but for now we will be using it to generate over 3500 backlinks!! Yes FREE 3500 automated backlinks!

Also Read :  4 Best Ways To Build High Quality Backlinks

Now I do have to let you know Bulkping works great but sometimes it does not create all 3500 links. Sometimes in only does 1,000 and other times 2,000. I’m not sure why this varies but it still works just fine.

Also this one takes the longest of the 3 at about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

That is pretty much it you can easily use these 4 sources to index your website or send some link juice to your already established website.

You can also submit your site to these websites multiple times a month if you’d like.

I hope you found this article helpful and you create your backlinks!To Your Backlinking Success, !!!!!!!!

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