Facebook is young,and is offering alot of entertainment to users.Facebook was started in 2004,founded by Mark Zuckerberg. The decade of Facebook will complete in 2014,and its popularity in these years can,t be express in words.Facebook has billions of active users.According to new research Facebook is  at 2nd in the race of active users and earner.Due to this popularity now-a-days a person is considered illiterate if he haven't a Facebook Account.Moreover Facebook Provides some extraordinary activities such as Playing Games,making pages,making groups etc,but now-a-days Facebook has just introduced timeline Feature which help the user to update his timeline Photo on Facebook.This timeline Photo makes the Facebook Profile beautiful and attractive.Most of friends do it for impressing their girlfriends or to show off to their friends.So here in this regard we have found a new way to Create your own Facebook Timeline Photos.In this method you can create/edit and modify any picture for your Facebook Timeline.

How To Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

There are some websites which are very much famous for creating beautiful and attractive Facebook Timeline Photos. TrickedOutTimeLine is one of these websites which helps the users to create beautiful and stylish Facebook Timeline Cover Photos easily. TrickedOutTimeLine gifts you with four type of effects such as  merged Photos,Jigsaw piece,torn paper effect and Picture Zooming Effect.So Let's see how to use these effects.
  • First of all Visit TrickedOutTimeLine Website
  • Now Scroll Down,you will see four options.
  • Select any Effect You want to apply to your Photo.
  • Now another Box will popup,there click on upload photo (you can upload photo from your PC or You can also share from your Facebook Albums).
  • Now Edit and crop Picture as you wish.
  • You can easily preview your image by clicking preview option.
  • And Now Just Click On Done that's it :)
  • Note:- TrickedOutTimeLine Never Save Your Personal Photos.

How To Add Cover Photo To Facebook Timeline?

  • Go To
  • Sign in There with your E-mail and password.
  • Now Click On Profile
  • Now You will see your Profile,There move your mouse to the timeline and you will surely see an option of Change Cover Photo as Show Below.
adding cover photo
  • Now Select "Upload Photo" another box will pop,Now Select Your Photo and That's it :)
What's Up:- Creating Facebook Timeline Cover Photo is extremely easy,this timeline cover photo makes the profile more stylish.So be stylish and have fun,stay blessed Happy Blogging  :)

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