Top 10 tips to earn money online

Top 10 tips to earn money online

Money always plays an important role in the life of Human and they keep looking for the same.A recent survey shows that almost 80% of us goes for physical work but do you know, Internet is full of jobs and you can earn plenty of money through internet.You just need to know the methods.Today, I am providing you 10 killer tips to earn money online.Just have a look on the below given tips and employ the same in your life

#1- Sale Website/Blogs and Domains

buy sell websites Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
Now a days, Purchasing of Website/Blog/Domain is among the best way of making money online.Start a new blog/Website without wasting too much money.Add some articles or valuable contents to attract visitors.After getting a number of visitors, sell the same.You will get a good price.List of websites where you can sell your site/blog/domains are shown below:
  • Flippa
  • Daltons Business
  • Buy Sell Website
  • Quiet Light

#2 – Teach Students Online and Earn Money

Virtual classes are another method of earning money online where students Pay for getting knowledge online.If you have good knowledge and can impress students, you would be able make even thousands of dollars with ease.In this method,you will have to teach the students face to face through video calling software like Skype.For getting the list of such websites, simply type “Earn money for teaching online” in Google.You will definitely get a large number of such websites.

#3 -Become a Virtual Assistant and Earn Money online

AdministrativeAssistant Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
Virtual assistant is like the one, who works at Call centers.You can choose suitable time for you(day shift or night shift).For getting this job, you must have good communication skills with good knowledge of standard english. List of websites which provides the job of Virtual assistant are as follows:

#4 – Post Videos on YouTube and Earn Money Online

6 Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
YouTube is among the major video broadcasting website and is accessed by large number of people daily.You can take the advantage of large number of traffic and thus make plenty of money.For doing the same, create some unique videos and post them to youtube. You will earn money for large number of views.In addition to this, if you are talented then professionals can also contact you for job which shows that it is just awesome.

#5 -Earn Money through Freelancing

freelancer jobs Top 10 tips to earn money online
Most of the people doesn’t know much about Freelance jobs.Actually it provides you a major platform for earning money online where you can choose jobs according to your own ability.No one will force you for choosing a work but once selected, you should complete the job otherwise you will lost your credit and no one will contact you.Major websites which offers this facility  is and

#6 – Earn Money Online through Blogging

Blogging for money 21 Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
Blogging is one of the best options for Students and Professionals who have deep knowledge in a particular subject.They can start their blog and earn money from the same for advertising products of others or via Google Adsense which is the best option.You can start your blog either through WordPress or Blogger which are the best blogging platform.

#7- Writing Answers in Forums

forum FOREVER Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
If you have knowledge and can answer the questions of other users then Forums can be really helpful because they provide money for answering.This option for earning money online is best suited for Students.The best one according to me is EALP Forums which provides you money on each 15th of month means two times in a month.

#8 -Earn Money online through Blog Designing and SEO

earn money online Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
So many web designers and SEO experts are earning a huge money for this service.If you have good knowledge of Designing and Search Engine Optimization then take order from users and earn money.

#9 – Earn Money Online for selling Products on eBay

ebay1 Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
You can make use of eBay for earning money online.You can buy any items from any other websites for low price and then sell the same for slightly higher rates.People who will find your product usefull will buy it and thus you will earn money.

#10 -Earn Money for writing Surveys Online

survey software Top 10 killer tips to earn money online
Many companies pays a decent amount for writing surveys.Most important and positive point about this mode of making money online is,it doesn’t need any skill for the same.So participate in some simple surveys and start earning money online for free.So many such websites are there and you can find the same with ease by looking for survey websites on Google.
From the Editor’s Desk
In this world, so many people are there who waste their whole life in finding the ways or methods of earning money online.I have provided Top 10 killer tips to earn money online so employ the same and start earning money online for free.These methods are completely free so there is nothing wrong in giving a try.

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