Ten Ways To Increase Processing Speed Of Our Computer

Ten Ways To Increase Processing Speed Of Our Computer Within Few Minutes

Are you facing a problem with your computer's processing speed? Don't worry follow these 10 things to speed up your computer. If you are using windows computer the speed of your computer may be low. You can make good speed by following simple ways.

Ten Ways To Increase Processing Speed Of Our Computer

1. Increase the size of RAM (Random Access Memory) of your computer. For an ordinary computer 1 GB is enough. By increasing the size of RAM the speed of your computer will be also increased.

2. Remove all the unwanted softwares which are already installed in your computer. Even If your computer is new remove unwanted softwares. Because, as default they installed lot of softwares in your computer. But very few softwares only will need for you. If you having copy of that softwares burn on disc or copy on external hard disk.

3. If you are using more than one browser such as FireFox, Chrome, IE, uninstall all the softwares except anyone of these. 

4. If you are using more than one chatting softwares such as G-Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Live Messenger uninstall all the applications and install anyone all in one use software like Instant Messenger.

5. During the booting time of windows operating system on your system so many applications start with it. It is called as "auto startup". As like as if more applications are running with windows operating system booting process, speed of your computer will be slow down. 

6. Remove Autoloading uses by installing Startup Delayer on your system to increase the processing speed of your computer.

7. Windows users may know that low speed due to the interference of animations. Right click at My Computer and go to advanced tab --> Performance and disable the option "Animate Windows When minimizing and maximizing". Also that disable unwanted properties on that tab.

8. Avoid unwanted desktop icons to be placed on your desktop screen. Remove desktop icons to speed up of your system process. 

9. Firewall, Anti virus, Anti spyware should be installed on your computer. Don't use expired software or inactive software in your computer.

10. But in the case of some computers which are not connected with another systems or servers and which are not accept external devices like Floppy, CD, DVD, Pen drive even if you are not installed the above things such as Firewall, Anti virus and Anti spyware the speed of your processors will be increased by three times of actual speed.

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