Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Meta Tag Generator Tool For Blogger

Do you know what the importance of Meta keyword and Meta description is? Adding meta tags is so important if you want to get more traffic from search engines like google,yahoo,bing, etc. especially the meta description is the most important one. Meta tags allow search engines to index your web pages more accurately. In other words, Meta tags communicate with the search engines and tells more information about your site and make it index correctly and accurately.Meta description and meta keywords are the most popular html tags which describes your website or blog and tells the search engines what your blog or site is all about. Adding Meta tags is an important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Meta Description :

Describe your blog in max 150 letters. The Character Counter tool can help you. For example I have chosen the following words for describing my blog.

Blogger tips,Blogging Tools,Blogging Tips,Blog Tips,Help Blogging, these are the major words i chosen. 

You can choose a similar format to describe your blog with most relevant words.

Meta Keywords :

Choose words that describe the core topics of your blog. Keywords are high traffic targeted words that define your blog content. Most people use dozens of most competitive keywords but doing this is unnecessary and further effects your search engine listing. Choose few but smart keywords that may reflect the overall content of your blog. Google keyword Tool can immensely help you in choosing the right keywords. The best tip is to use similar keywords as used by your competitors. You can press Ctrl + U to open the source file of your competitor while you are on his blog. Through source file you can easily see what keywords and description your competitor is using.
Write a maximum of three words per keyword and separate each keyword using a comma.

Follow the Instruction for Generating Your Meta tag

1. Enter a perfect description for your blog which describes and represents the contents of your blog.

2. Enter the Keywords separated with commas (,)

3. Enter the name of Blog Author.

4. Choose index or Follow in robots section.

Note: If you have a private blog and don’t want search engines to crawl your blog, then you can choose no index so that search engines wont crawl or index your blog elements.

5. Now click GENERATE button 

  •  Now copy above code and paste it before tag in your template.
  •  Any other problem with meta tag generation use the comment box for your problems.
  •  At last have a Nice Day….

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