How to install Windows Xp in fast

How to install Windows Xp in fast

So today I am gonna teach you how to install Windows Xp in 10 minutes. So lets start…

1. The very first step you do is format a particular partition. Do it normally.

2. Now after formatting, system copy’s files.

3. Now after formatting it reboots. Let it reboot. Then you see windows logo.

4. Now you will see the installation page which says “ Setup will complete in 39 minutes“. This is the time we all were waiting for. Now

press SHIFT+F10 . It will open command prompt(cmd) . Now in cmd type taskmgr , it will open task manager.

5. In task manager click on processes tab. 

that search for setup.exe process.

6. Now Right click on Setup.exe. In that you

can find Set priority-> Select High.

7. Done. Now the installation will finish within

10-15 min.

So from now the installation process will not be a

headache. Hope you followed and liked my trick.

Thanks for visiting my blog......

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