How to Increase Google Chrome Cache Size/Space

When i posted How to increase Firefox Cache many readers asked me how to increase Google chrome cache speed. I think it is essential today because Google Chrome won the first price in browsers!!. If you dont know what is cache here it is.Cache is the place where the web pages are stored. For example when you open your browser downloads the files like images and others and save it in cache. When you open the website next time browser displays that images so that there is no need to download them again. More cache space, More files will be saved thus more speed. So here are the steps to increase Google Chrome Cache Space

1)  Right Click on the Google Chrome icon in your desktop (or from the start menu) and select "properties".
2) From the window click the "Shortcut" tab 
3) Click inside the box of "Target" and press "End" key in keyborad.

4) Paste this at the end " --disk-cache-size=10000000"

Note: There is a space. before --disk. After all it must look like

1000000000 is in bytes 
1000000000 bytes = 1GB

5) Click "ok" and restart the browser.

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