How do you hard reset an android device

How do you hard reset an android device  Solution with screenshots 

                                          There are several instance where you want to make your android device to get resetted.  For example If there is any malfunction happened, Need to return to your retailer, Wipe all personal date before reselling etc. These all could be possible by a simple resetting. Today in this article we are describing How to reset your android device.
                                          Before resetting your android device you should backup all your important files to some other external storage devices. and contacts must sync with your Gmail account or must store in the SD card or SIM memory.

Easy way to hard reset your android Smart Phone /Device

  • Click on Settings icon in your device
  • Then click on Privacy

  • There you can see the option to Factory Data Reset [NB: In some devices Factory reset option are visible in SD Card and Phone Storage Settings.]

  • Then click on Factory data reset
  • Click Reset Phone

  • Erase Everything

This is the basic method for resetting your Android smart phone. From device to device there may be some additional changes. Anyway this article would be great piece of information, if you are looking for resetting your device.

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