Advantages of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

Advantages of Windows 8 Over Windows 7

More about Windows 8. Many of you are stilled confused on upgrading to Windows 8. Is Windows 8 better than Windows 7? In this post i am explaining about the new features of Windows 8 and Advantages of Windows 8 over Windows 7. After reading this post you will decide on upgrade to Windows 8 or not. Iam sure you will love this post...

What is Actually Windows 8
windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest version OS from Microsoft, a new version Windows 7. Windows 8 is mainly focused on Touchscreen devices. Though it runs perfectly in normal Pc's. The important feature compared to other versions of windows is the metro ui. From the different peoples user experience it is said that "Windows 8 is actually built on top of windows 7". 

Advantages of Windows 8 over Window 7

1) Lightning Fast
  •     Windows 8 Installs in 10 minutes
  •     High speed booting - It takes only up to 10 seconds to boot (Depends              on configuration)
  •     Fast shutdown
  •     Hibernate and stand by takes less time than Windows 7

Windows 8 boot time and restart time

2) In built Anti-Virus

    It is one the great advantage i have seen. Windows 8 comes with pre installed antivirus or simply a security shield. No need of installing third party antivirus or other security softwares. Because of this   Windows 8 will have little more. 

3)  Metro UI, Innovative & Dynamic Desktop

     Other important feature of Windows 8 everyone going to love! No more Start button or start menu. When logged in you will see these tiles which can be scrolled by mouse. Would be great in touchscreen devices. Window 8 also have a improved searching facility compared to Windows 7
Windows 8 Metro UI

4) Internet is ready

    Have problems in connecting to internet? The new Windows 8 will not have this problem. No more loading of drivers as in Windows 7. Get connected to interned from the start screen itself with lightning fast

5) New Apps

    Windows 8 comes with new amazing apps. Its totally different from Windows 7 and Windows XP. still there are something to improve in apps. Some of them sending the location without knowledge. I find it little annoying. But can be fixed
Windows 8 store

No doubt its time to upgrade to Windows 8. Time to leave Windows 7 and Windows XP

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